Dave Liddament

Director and Developer at Lamp Bristol. PHP, Java and Python software developer.


  • Don't be so primitive

    Tips & Tricks, 10th May 2017

    A quick look at Value Objects, what they are, the benefits they offer and why sometimes they should be used instead of PHP’s primitive types.

  • Practical Static Analysis

    A New Type of Year, 8th January 2020

    All developers know that bugs are bad and finding them can be difficult. The good news is tools to help us find and prevent bugs are becoming more powerful... Modern static analysis tools (e.g. IDEs like PHPStorm and tools like Psalm, Phan and PHPStan) are far more advanced then their predecessors. They can find a whole range of bugs whilst keeping the false positive rate low. This talk introduces more advanced static analysis. It will show the kinds of bugs that the more advanced static analysis tools can find. We'll then look how they can be added to your current development work flow. We'll finally look at how we can write our code in such a way to get the most out of static analysis. Wherever you are on your static analysis journey this talk will show you the next step.

  • AssertTrue(isDecoupled("MyTests"))

    Your PHP Journey, 9th March 2022

    We all know why tests are great. But every once in a while we just wish they’d never been written. One case when test regret occurs is when we want to alter our functionality slightly but in doing so half the test suite goes from green to red. This talk will investigate why this happens. In particular it looks at the coupling between tests and the code under test. We’ll investigate ways we can reduce this coupling and make out test suites more resilient to change.

  • PHP Language Extension library

    Lightning Talks, 8th June 2022

  • Adding Static Analysis to Legacy projects

    Lightning Talks, 8th March 2023

    Adding Static Analysis to Legacy projects

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