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Talks on security and deployment!


  • You’ll Never Believe How Easy Deployments Can Really Be…

    James Titcumb
    James Titcumb
    , founder of PHP Hampshire, Zend Certified Engineer and Development Manager at

    The deadline is looming: one week until we release the new version. Some features aren’t going to make the cut, but the boss really wants to make sure these critical bugs are fixed. You can’t wait for the release cycle to be over so you can relax.

    But what if I told you it didn’t have to be that way? What if I could show you how to create a world where there is no release cycle? A world where weekend deployments are a rarity, not the norm?! In this talk we will cover the steps we took to achieve the coding utopia of releasing a feature as soon as it’s ready - many times per day. You’ll find out that by implementing a continuous deployment flow, you can empower your developers to take ownership and become more productive.

  • Security in the face of adversity

    Dave Tibbs
    Dave Tibbs
    , Systems Administrator at Brightpearl US, briefly in the UK!


Brightpearl have kindly offered to host the evening, providing food, beers and their office as the venue. Don't forget to check them out- and if you're looking, they are hiring.

Afterwards, we'll head to the pub, probably the Volunteer Tavern!

Also, do check out our website, as well as our sponsorsEnts24Just Eat and Redrock without whom our events would not be possible.

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  • James Titcumb

    Thanks for having me PHPSW 😄 I've had a couple of great bits of feedback on my talk and what I can improve on next time, so thanks for letting me try it out on you lovely folks.

  • A Former Member
    A Former Member

    A continuous deployment flow would still require booking of resources for each distinct stage of the dev life cycle. Can't see how it would add to improvements by switching from an eg agreed quarterly release to a release when ready. Customer expectations need managed from the outset not a wet finger in the air. A release is only ready for production after successful testing has been signed of by testers and customers. This fanciful idea sounds like 'on the fly' releasing with prod testing. Great if you can get away with it. Meanwhile in the real world...

    • Andy Gale

      I'm afraid you're pretty far behind the general curve with that comment. Find me tomorrow and I'll explain why Continuous Delivery works, who it works for and how (with buy in from the entire business which is essential) it's achievable by most.

    • James Titcumb

      Oh wow, conversation sparking already and I've not even done the talk yet 😄 Hopefully I can change your stance on CD tomorrow, see you there! 😄

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