Paul Dragoonis

Lead Developer at Kainos, PHP internals and PHP-FIG voting member


  • JenkinsX - All your repos belong to us

    Don't shame the Butler, 11th September 2019

    Microservices? Monolith? It doesn't matter! Let JenkinsX give you a preview environment for each Pull Request, on every repo you import JenkinsX into.In this talk, we'll take a Symfony4 application, import JenkinsX into it, and each Pull Request will have its own dynamic sub domain, running on a Kubernetes cluster, deployed using helm. This is just skimming the surface of awesome power for your Symfony projects. Paul Dragoonis, a member of PHP, PHP-FIG and the Jenkins teams, is a full-stack software consultant at Team Neev, where he architects, designs and implements software solutions for a variety of large organizations in the public and private sector. Paul spends a significant amount of his time rolling out CI/CD pipelines and enjoys sharing his experiences with the wider community by way of private training or conference speaking.

Interested in speaking?

We’re always looking for speakers, so do drop us a line, regardless of your experience, we’re all about first time speakers.

If you’re looking for ideas, a few of the topics we’re keen to hear about are:

  • Debugging & profiling
  • Frameworks
  • Lightning talks
  • Support tools (e.g. phplint, boris, phpsh)