Luis Ferro

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  • Pipelines in the wild

    The Final Pipeline, 8th November 2017

    Jenkins is the golden standard in the software industry for Continuous Integration and Delivery. In this talk, we will review the base installation and setup of Jenkins 2 (very quickly). After that, we will learn what pipelines are, and how do they work their "magic" We will review how to setup a full basic PHP project, on it, what are the gotchas and pitfalls.

Interested in speaking?

We’re always looking for speakers, so do drop us a line, regardless of your experience, we’re all about first time speakers.

If you’re looking for ideas, a few of the topics we’re keen to hear about are:

  • Debugging & profiling
  • Frameworks
  • Lightning talks
  • Support tools (e.g. phplint, boris, phpsh)