The Making of a Great API PHP 7.4 and OpenAPI - Mar 2020

Everyone is writing APIs but what makes a great one? I will take you on a tour of the most important features that you should think about when creating an API. These ensure that your API plays well with HTTP and make your API a delight to maintain and work with. Give your API a competitive edge by making it great and developers will want to work with it. What you'll learn from this talk: We will cover the most important things that make up a great API. You will learn: The importance of following the HTTP spec in terms of key parts of RFC7321 along with the how and why of API versioning. How error handling affects usability of an API and why RC7807 is so useful. How to document and API Security and authentication issues.


  • Rob Allen
    Rob Allen

    Software Engineer, ZF contributor and author of Zend Framework in Action

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