Rajkumar Sakthi


  • Are you a modern software engineer?

    Journeys in Software (Online), 14th October 2020

    In a modern world with so many different ways to build web applications, how do we keep up with the latest trend, let alone know which one should we use? With all these choices, it can be easy to start off on the wrong foot or to be put off from exploring other options besides what we are used to working with. In this talk I want to explore the best practices we have when building the foundations of our projects. I’m not looking to make you a Coding Ninja, but having an understanding of each of these, along with the benefits each can bring, can help you and your team making the right decisions for the project you are creating and ensure a smoother project lifecycle.

Interested in speaking?

We’re always looking for speakers, so do drop us a line, regardless of your experience, we’re all about first time speakers.

If you’re looking for ideas, a few of the topics we’re keen to hear about are:

  • Debugging & profiling
  • Frameworks
  • Lightning talks
  • Support tools (e.g. phplint, boris, phpsh)