Peter Fisher

Freelance web & mobile applications developer


  • Docker image on a diet

    Lightning talks, 11th October 2017

    Is your Docker image too big? If so see how to put it on a diet.

  • Using a framework or not

    Lightning Talks, 11th April 2018

    For both the frontend and backend there are many frameworks that allow for the rapid and solid build of web applications. Many projects require the knowledge of a framework. In some cases this leads a developer to be more understanding of a framework instead of the language that the framework is written in. Should every application be built using a framework and if not, when is it OK not to use a framework?

  • Code with confidence using PHPStan

    Coding With Confidence, 9th February 2022

    With new projects starting on PHP 8 and the increasing use on data types and upgrades that PHP 8 brings, the use of static analysis has become increasingly popular. PHPStan has recently released version 1 which includes stricter checks and a pro version that offers more versatility. For new projects, the use of static analysis is a great tool to keep fresh code clean and confirmative, but how can static analysis be used on legacy projects and how can PHPstan increase our confidence when building upon our code bases?

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