Ismael Velasco


  • The Bots Are Taking Over: Developing Conversational Agents With ChatScript and PHP

    Chatting Serverless, 13th February 2019

    What's the deal with chatbots (estimated market value of USD $1.34 billion by 2024)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of machine learning vs rule based systems? Is the Singularity gonna wipe us out tomorrow? With little things like that out of the way, this talk will focus on introducing ChatScript, the gold standard in rule-based conversational NLP (natural language processing). I'll demo how to build a chatbot of increasing sophistication, and how to harness PHP to apply the chatbot functionality to a wide range of applications

  • Minimum Viable Website: the 5 minute challenge

    The biggest barrier to building my personal website and starting blogging is the initial friction. It takes a good while to learn your way around, configure, set up and style a CMS, deployment platform or your own website. What if you could start a timer and in under 5 minutes flat you could have a minimum viable website, your first deployable increment, good enough for you to go live and start comfortably blogging, but infinitely expandable, into a full fledged site or even a SAAS? In 5 mins, you could build your mate a site. In 5 mins, you could have your long mused dev blog. And every hour you spent thereafter would just add value. You're off. That was the challenge I set myself. I'll demo, against the clock, a CLI wrapper I wrote around the Laravel Wink microCMS. If you know Laravel, not only should you be ready to go live in 5 mins, but you will also instantly know what to do next to refine or expand it.

  • Scalable APIs in 2021: trends, schemas, tooling.

    Scalable APIs (Online), 9th June 2021

    This talk will review design principles of scalable APIS, the role and range of API schemas, the shift to API First approaches and the emergence of API development environments and adjacent tooling for API design, testing, observability and discoverability.

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