In February we're hosting a night about Testing! We're at BaseKit's new office this month. If you have a talk you'd like to give (lightning or full length), we've got room for a third, so get in touch.


  • The Value Case for Unit Tests

    Dan Ackroyd
    Dan Ackroyd
    , Independent C + PHP developer, Imagick maintainer.

    Do you work at a company where there are not enough unit tests in place and things are constantly breaking? Or maybe you have a client that always wants new features to be delivered as soon as possible, without enough thought about maintaining code.

    How do you persuade people that Unit Tests should be written? And that by writing them you will improve your code quality and make development be easier? And how many unit tests should you be writing anyway?

  • Beyond Unit Testing

    Dave Liddament
    Dave Liddament
    , Director and developer at Lamp Bristol.

    Unit testing is an essential part of any successful software project, but it's only half the testing story. This talk will examine the other half of the testing story. We'll see why we need more than just unit tests and how to write these extra tests.


BaseKit have kindly offered to host the evening at their office, and as always we'll sort out some ales, lagers, soft drinks and snacks. Don't forget to check them out - and if you're looking, they are hiring.

Afterwards we'll head to the pub, probably the Volunteer Tavern!

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We're always looking for new ideas, if you have any suggestions for talk nights, speakers or things you'd like to see at PHPSW, drop us a line:


5th Floor, One Castlepark, Tower Hill,
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  • Lee Stone

    This is the first reminder/warning about the venue. Don't forget we're in a different venue to normal and the BaseKit offices have moved too! PHPSW will be taking place at: 5th Floor, One Castlepark, Tower Hill, Bristol, BS2 0JA

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