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In June we're hosting a night of talks about coding practices.


  • Embracing change

    Jakub Zalas
    Jakub Zalas
    , Symfony core team member
  • Go mad for Monads

    Warren Seymour
    Warren Seymour
    , Software Developer at Radify

    The Monad; once the exclusive tool of Haskell-speaking mystics, together we will unravel their secrets for exploitation in our PHP programs.

  • Extremely defensive PHP

    Marco Pivetta
    Marco Pivetta
    , Software Consultant at Roave, Doctrine core team member & ZF2 contributor

    What if I told you that your carefully designed and tested code was fragile? What if I told you that you can trust nobody? What does "fragile" even mean? We are going to look at fragile code, fix it, and lastly learn about various Poka-Yoke techniques that make our code very hard to break.


MixRadio have kindly offered to host the evening at their office, and provide drinks and pizza. Don't forget to check them out- and if you're looking, they are hiring.

Afterwards we'll head to the pub, The Apple if it's sunny, Horts if it's not!

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