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In January we're hosting a night of talks on coding resolutions for the new year.

We've got a couple of talks lined up so far, but if you're interested in giving a talk (any length), please let us know.

We're at BaseKit this month. Arrival will be from 6:45pm (please don't turn up before then) with talks starting at 7:15pm.

Our talks so far:

- Reviewing Code Reviews

 Lee Stone, Web Team Lead at Gradwell

We know that code reviews are considered a good thing and some of us even do them! Why are they beneficial though, what pitfalls are there and how could the process be improved? Lee talks about some of his experiences and what he'd like to improve this year.

- Go Faster with Ansible
Richard Donkin

Deploy PHP apps faster in 2017. This talk focuses on how PHP developers can use simple Ansible scripts to rapidly configure new dev and production servers from scratch, and deploy their apps.  No more "snowflake servers"!

- An introduction to the Symfony Console Component
Mike Lovely, developer at SimpleWeb

Automate a task by creating a simple command for it. An introduction to the Symfony Console Component and how it could save you time.

- The science behind habits (and how to change them) 
Alex Jegtnes, freelance developer.<a href=""></a>

I’ll be talking about the science behind habits, how they work, why changing them is h*ckin’ difficult, and how you can use this information to either pick up a new habit or get rid of a bad habit.


BaseKit have kindly offered to host the evening at their office, and as always we'll sort out some ales, lagers, soft drinks and snacks. Don't forget to check them out - and if you're looking, they are hiring.

</a>As always, a big thanks to our meetup sponsors <a href="">Ents24, Brightpearl, Meanbee & Deep Blue Sky without whom we wouldn't be able to put on our meetups. 

Afterwards we'll head to the pub, probably the Volunteer Tavern!


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  • Ralph Rutter

    While some of the ansible stuff went over my head, I really benefited from the code review stuff and I enjoyed learning about habits too. I'm glad I went to my first meetup, it was a really nice evening, despite the tantalising smell of Domino's full of wheat (which I can't have)!

  • Ben Warford

    I was still thinking about that too! It seems to me, that since they have to be done before they can go out to production, at that time, they are closer to being turned into value than doing new work... If doing new work is more enjoyable then it would better to be done as a reward. So the cue would be, that you have a coding review that needs to be done. The action would be to stop whatever you are doing, do the coding review, (or get someone to do the coding review), then the reward would be that you can go back to doing your own code. As you said, it works better when you keep it tight! It may disturb you whilst you were making new code, but it would also be an opportunity to take a break from your creative process, and when you go back to it, you get a fresh look! Hope that helps, if not then please ignore!! 😃

  • luciav

    Awesome night - really enjoyed hearing about code reviews, I hope Lee takes cues from Alex's habit loop to get them done more frequently by his team!

  • Zan Baldwin

    In case anybody didn't receive the email that Lee sent around:

    There is another event on at BaseKit prior to PHPSW, it would be appreciated if everyone can start turning up at 6:45pm onwards 😄

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